Now is a great time to become a Jewelry in Candles Rep and I’ll tell you why…

If you are a people person you will have no problems promoting these products.  Once you get your rep kit and let a few people smell our delicious scents they will be hooked.  You aren’t just selling a candle or tart though, you are giving the consumer an experience they will treasure. The excitement of waiting for your jewelry surprise to reveal is a great gift as well as the quality of the candles and tarts.


On to the reason March is the time to join! The price for a rep signup is $29.95*. During the month of March there is a 30 Day challenge for new reps. Meet the goal of $250 in sales on your eCommerce store and we will refund the price of your startup kit and shipping! So not only will you get your rep kit for free but you will also earn 30% commission on that $250!

Our second challenge during the month of March, meet the goal of $1,000 in sales on your eCommerce store and earn a bonus gift that currently can only acquired by completing this sales challenge. New reps will have 30 days from the March joining date to complete the challenge. The prize is a new, one of a kind product never seen before in this industry, currently in development at JIC headquarters. When complete we will release pictures and more details, it will be worth it!



*Rep kit seen here and ecommerce store are included in fee! To truly represent the passion we put into our products, we believe you have to experience them for yourself. The $29.95 product purchase is required to become a rep. No other setup or monthly fees required to join or keep your account. 



Wow! JIC has been busy creating exciting new products lately. Our newest edition comes out tonight at 7 pm and is limited to 2000 products! Now if these are anything like “The Gentlemen” Candle that released a couple weeks ago they will be gone in no time. Our Gentlemen candles sold out in about 2 weeks! It is similar to the men’s cologne Drakkar and has men’s jewelry. Don’t worry it will be back.

So on to today’s release! Neapolitan. Doesn’t it sound delish! This candle is layered with Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry of course. I have smelled each scent individually and they are amazing so I know this candle is going to rock. I just hope there are some left when payday rolls around! If you want to get one log on to my site tonight at 7 at While you are there don’t forget to check out our reveal pictures and videos!

Have I told you how much I love these Candles?

Have I told you how much I love these Candles?

There are so many exciting things happening at JIC. I could not have chosen a better company to start my home business with. I’ll admit, my sales are not where I would like them but I will not give up! I know that trying to sell these products online is my biggest set back because if my customer base is anything like me they want to smell the product. Trust me I get it.

But if there is one thing I can say honestly about this company it is that our products are of an excellent quality. If you were to order our Chocolate Fudge candle, it would smell like fresh baked brownies in your home. Our Vanilla candle leaves your home smelling like a sweet bakery, I can’t tell you how many times my family and even myself walked into the house while the candle was lit and asked what was baking! It was amazing!

I recently purchased the Cotton Candy scented candle and man does it bring back memories of going to local fairs in the summer with my family and ordering a huge pink stick of Cotton Candy. I also sampled our Limited Edition Love Potion Candle and fell in love. I really hope they consider making it a scent that comes back often! I have samples of every scent we offer and I have to say they all smell fantastic. They smell exactly like what their names are.

I have a few more on the way, a Banana Nut Bread, which has a fantastic Banana scent that I have never smelled before and Hazelnut Coffee Tarts. I can not wait until they arrive. Oh yeah I almost forgot about the Birthday Cake candle and Cherry Vanilla tarts I ordered today. Can you tell I am a little addicted? Oh my!

If you would like to see more of products check out my site and as always thank you for reading!

Have a Scentsational Day!

Become a Jewelry in Candles Rep

Become a Rep

Jewelry in Candles

“The entrepreneurial team of Jewelry In Candles has spent countless hours removing the risk-barriers that cause many other companies to have a high failure rate among their representatives. We did this with one vision in mind, “soaring.” We want you to soar. In fact, we believe that we have removed so many risk-barriers, that just about anyone will find it easy to excel when partnering with Jewelry In Candles. Our products pulls us into the two-billion dollar per year candle industry, and we plan to capturing a large part of that market with our unique scents and jewelry surprises.”
“Join the JIC and you will immediately receive a personalized eCommerce store and can start earning income within minutes. Our eCommerce store offers you limitless income potential and is personalized featuring your picture and social connections. We have removed all the hard work of earning income by completely automating everything, it has never been easier!”

- Personalized eCommerce Store expands your sales opportunity.
– Earn 40% total commissions from your sales and downline sales.
– Purchase product with your representative discount for inventory or personal sales.
– Sell product in person and online 24/7/365
– Automated sales, shipping, payments & commissions.
– Customer orders ship directly to the customer saving you time and money.
– Detailed notification every time you make a sale.
– Monitor your sales and commissions in real-  time & get paid bi-monthly.

*From company website
– Access to “back office” a secure section only available to representatives. The back office contains sales tracking, real-time commissions, collaboration, promotion ideas, marketing materials and other resources.